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Every cam performer knows that promotion is important. Promoting yourself is key to increasing visitors to your cam room. More visitors means more money! Get verified today and reach the top of the LiveSexVid listing!

What is a verified account?

Being verified means that you submitted a fan sign to LiveSexVid to prove that the account you are claiming is yours, is yours. Once you are verified you will be shown on top of all listings on LiveSexVid. This means extra visitors to your room! We will also show a verification logo on your thumbnail .As a verified model you will also have the possibility to add extra videos, images and more to your profile. Having an appealing profile is very important to get the visitor hooked to your shows.

How do I get verified?

It's easy! Sign up for an account first. Once you can go into your account, you will see a menu item to get verified. Fill-in that form and we will verify you within 2 business days.